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Be informed about your daily fitness level.
Train on optimal intensity towards progress, every day.

Sustainable progress wasn’t easy to realize by athletes in strength training. They struggled to train on the right intensity. A safe and target oriented training was only possible through individual feedback from a coach. Uncertainty in the choice of weight or number of repetitions lead to few or no training.

With firstmove, individual feedback is becoming available for everybody. On Apple Watch Series 4, 5, SE, and 6, firstmove provides athletes with recommendations about adjustments in weight or repetitions for every set performed.

This is possible through the performance parameter. firstmove measures the velocity of every set  and relates it to your personal performance level. Let’s see how you can benefit in your daily training from it.

Make full use of charged days.

Performance 10.1 to 11- Breaking records.

If you continuously reach any number above 10 in an exercise, you are crushing it. We call it “Breaking records”. Congratulations, this means you might be stronger than before. You move weight faster than we would expect at your current performance level. We recommend an increase in weight or reps and you could strive for a new personal best.

Performance 6.7 to 10 – Optimal intensity.

Between 6.7 and 10 is the level, where you perform on “Optimal intensity”. Any set in this range means you are working out closely to your top performance level and are adding a helpful amount of stress. With a proper resting time, this will help your muscles to adapt positively. We recommend to keep on going with your current load.

Stay accountable on fatigued days.

Performance 3.4 to 6.6 – Improvable.

Any performance in the range between 3.4 and 6.6 is called “Improvable”. You moved the weight slower than we would expect based on your current performance level. We see two reasons why this could happen:

  • =You tend to focus on control and with this velocity automatically decreases. We suggest to stay in control as long as needed and continue in the “Improvable” area. With more confidence, we recommend you to move faster at this load to build strain for reaching a higher level of fitness.
  • =A level of overload. Due to pre-fatigued muscles or a longer abstinence, you cannot reach your current performance level. We recommend a decrease in weight or reps.

Performance 0.0 to 3.3 – Too heavy.

The range between 0.0 and 3.3 is designated as “Too heavy”. We observed a high deviation from your movement velocity and the velocity we would expect you to reach at your current performance level. This could mean, you don’t feel well this day, are highly pre-fatigued, or had a long abstinence in training, especially for this certain exercise. We recommend a decrease in weight or reps, or an adjustment of your current performance level.

The 50% rule.

Science, as well as our own research, show that athletes train differently depending on the weight they chose. Below 50% of their one rep max, the focus is on control and recalling the correct movement, as well as for warm up. Above 50% of their one rep max, the focus is on building relevant strain to increase performance using high explosiveness. 

firstmove is built to help you increase your performance and push your limits. To do this, our recommendations focus on training with 50% one rep max or more with high explosiveness.

firstmove creates a fully improved strength training experience based on your body’s needs powered by Apple Watch.

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